BiggDesign Nature Pink Hat

Brand: Biggdesign
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The only protector of the scorching summer days, the hat reveals its difference with BiggDesign designs. The pink cap, which can be used on the beach, while walking, walking in the city or just for style purposes, reflects the beauty of summer with its vibrant pink color, attracts attention with the bicycle pattern on it.

Making a name for itself with designs that draw attention to the importance of nature and healthy life, Aysu Bekar's BiggDesign Nature Bicycle patterned hat is suitable for both women and men. It is made of 100% cotton gabardine fabric. Cotton fabric has a comfortable and breathable structure, so it does not sweat. It protects from heat and sun in summer.

Sensitive and reverse washing should be done at 30 ° C. Bleach should not be used. It can be ironed with a medium temperature iron. Dry cleaning is not possible. It should not be dried with a dryer. The product is standard size, it can be adjusted according to your head size from the back section. It takes its shape by wrapping your head perfectly.