Biggdesign Snowman Notebook

Brand: Biggdesign
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You can take notes with the Biggdesign red notepad, a pleasant option to use at work or at school, you can list what to do during the day, write your weekly schedule, and use the notepad to write and take notes. You do not want to leave from you the agenda, which is no date, easy to use and easy to carry through its minimal and light design, in your daily life. With its hard cover design, you can easily carry the Biggdesign pocket agenda in your bag, preventing the deformations of the leaves by the closing rubber that prevents the opening of the notebook. The notebook allows for the proper writing of the text through its 13x21 cm striped leaves and also its self-separating bookmarker detail allows you to easily find out which page you are staying on. With its colorful design, the notebook adds energy to your day and creates a striking appearance on the workdesks. Whether you want to use to make appointments, to keep your lecture notes or to make your meeting schedule on the mini agenda helps you to program your life.