BiggMug 118094M Thermos

Brand: Biggmug
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Biggmug thermos jug will be your biggest helper to keep your juice, coffee, tea or juice at the desired temperature for a long time. Thermos, which you can safely use in all activities in picnic, journey, camp, office or at home, will protect your drink with its glass structure. Carrying our drinks, which we consume a lot with us in a healthy and clean flask with us, contributes to the use of disposable plastic bottles and decreases the environmental pollution. Made of 100% BPA-free, glass, unbreakable, leak-proof, environmentally friendly, odorless and water-proof, easy to clean, high quality material. With its practical use, handle design and glass interior, it creates an ideal storage area for your drinks. With a capacity of 1 liter, it can be safely used in a picnic, on the road, in a camp or park. The tightly closed lid does not leak, drip or leak. With a size of 30 cm, it does not hold much space in your bags.