Biggmug Hf208B Bottle 700 Ml

Brand: Biggmug
7319.71 Miles
19528 Miles

If you keep promising yourself that you are going to drink more water every day, this Biggmug bottle will be your source of motivation. At school, in sports, cycling, in the office or on the road water bottle can be used safely on all your activity with it BPA free material. We drink water everyday, so getting rid of single use plastics to carry them is a must for the environment. Made of 100% BPA-free, unbreakable, watertight, environmentally friendly, odorless and does not change the taste of the water, easily cleanable and good quality plastics material. BPA Free plastic water bottle produced using materials designed for Biggmug. With its 700ml capacity you can carry as much as water you need during your sports or trips. Take a sip of water is very easy with the one hand lid. After closing it, locking mechanism prevent it from leaking.