BiggMug Hf344B Mug 450 Ml - Green

Brand: Biggmug
7604.7 Miles
10300 Miles

At school, in the office, at the beach, in the camp, Biggmug travel mug is designed to be able to keep your drinks hot or cold for your trip, providing ease of use with a vacuum cover. Providing ease of holding thermos with double-walled structure, easy to use thanks to the clever lid design which also prevents leakage. The inner surface of stainless steel and having a modern stance with green color green thermos mug, is a good option for both you and your family. High temperature and impact resistant travel mug can fit the cup holder in your car. The lid is opened by a simple push movement and does not leak when closed. Vacuum cover and slip proof bottom does make it leak proof. Travelers can take this bottle with them wherever they go instead of disposable plastic cups. Clean with a sponge and warm water easily.