BIGGMUG Smiley Smiley Face Cup Set

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The Biggdesign ceramic cup, which is produced from high-quality ceramics and draws all the attention with its colorful design, is an excellent option , especially for cat lovers... You may want to use the Biggdesign ceramic cup, which is an the ideal material for hot drinks such as tea and coffee, and which can be used with cold drinks at the same quality for many years. Morning coffees and morning teas are even more enjoyable with the Cup, which inspired you to make a positive start to the day with its fun design... The ceramic mug and its saucerful with smiley face drawings that you want to use them not only at home, but you want to put on your work desk to make colorful. You can create original sets for yourself and enjoy breakfast tables by combining Biggdesign's different colors and designs. The Biggdesign blue ceramic cup, which is the ideal size with 200 ml capacity, is recommended for handwashing and not to be placed in the dishwasher.