Dede Find-Plug Puzzle Toy For Babies

Brand: Dede
2799.89 Miles
6500 Miles

The cube puzzle find-and-play toy with various geometric shapes is a great toy that helps it develop in many ways while entertaining your baby. The toy, which supports the development of hand, eye coordination as well as motor skills, creates a pleasant space for children to socialize with their friends. With its lightweight design that takes up little space, the kids will find it easy to carry everywhere you go. The children, who consist of 18 pieces and place various geometric shapes from square to triangle, from circle to star icon, on the main piece in the form of a cube puzzle, discover their talents! Children can spend joyful time with their friends or alone with the Dede puzzle find-and-play toy that is suitable for the use of children aged 1 and over. Supporting the hand and eye coordination, imagination, creativity and intelligence development of babies, the cube puzzle find-and-play toy is a fun and educational alternative to buy for babies over 12 months. You can safely give your children the toy produced from raw materials that do not contain carcinogenic substances and are suitable for children's health.