Dede Daisy Bultak

Brand: Dede
3638.19 Miles
16587 Miles

Daisy-shaped toy with various geometric shapes is a great toy that helps your baby to develop in many ways while entertaining your baby. The toy, which supports the development of hand, eye coordination and also motor skills, creates a pleasant space for children to socialize with their friends. With its lightweight design, you can easily carry it anywhere you go, the kids won't want to separate them. The children are discovering their talents, which consists of 22 pieces and places various geometric shapes ranging from squares to triangles, from pentagons to star symbols on the main piece with daisy figure! Suitable for the use of children 1 year and older Dede daisy find-and-go toy, children, friends or alone can have a joyful time. Daisy find-and-play toy that supports baby's hand and eye coordination, imagination, creativity and intelligence development is an entertaining and educational alternative for getting babies over 12 months. You can safely give the toy that is produced from raw material which is carcinogenic and suitable for child health.