Dede Hospital Garage Set

Brand: Dede
9396.29 Miles
11425 Miles
Let your child develop his imagination with Dede's toy garage set and tools. A great option for playing at home or in the garden, the toy makes children forget the time. These toys, which support the development of hand-eye coordination, are suitable for children aged 3 years and older. Children will love to play with these cute vehicles and will have hours of fun, while socializing with their friends, they will want to play with the garage set. The garage set offers a different entertainment on each floor, you can either take the broken down cars to the second floor, wash the cars on the top floor, refuel with gas from the station or stop by the restaurant at the entrance and enjoy some. A toy that supports children's imagination and creativity is also a fun option to buy as a birthday present especially for boys who love the car. When you play with the toy garage set that comes with two toy cars, you can also use different toy cars and increase the entertainment level.  You can safely give the toy produced from raw material which is not carcinogenic and suitable for child health.