Dede Technic Repair Set Luggage

Brand: Dede
5803.1 Miles
10839 Miles

Dede Technical Repair Kit  Toy Technical Repair Set Suitcase consists of 13 pieces.  It is suitcase shaped, has wheels, has a drawbar, has a special lock system.  Toy Technic Repair Set At home games with Suitcase Technic is now much more fun.  The Toy Repair Kit Suit, which comes with beautiful toys and accessories, will love children.  You can leave small repairs at home to the little craftsmen.  Toy Technique Repair Set suitcases will help children learn concepts with games.  Kids will have fun with their friends and siblings with Play Activities. the activity toys that improve the social skills of children in the preschool period.  Activity games support children's physical, mental and social development.  Children learn life through games. Toys help children learn concepts.  You can help your children learn the concepts correctly by participating in their games.  Its dimensions are: 23,5x35,5x12,5 cm