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Dede Boxed Cement Truck Block 30 pcs

Dede Boxed Cement Truck Block 30 pcs

Dede Oyuncak activity games help children learn easily.
Activity games help children develop motor skills by playing games and learning experiences.
Children learn basic and basic concepts with games in preschool period.

The 30-piece toy truck shipped with a box is an enjoyable gift option.

13362 Miles

Dede Candy & Ken Beauty Toy Set for Girls

Dede Candy & Ken Beauty Set Suitcase consists of 18 different pieces of toys including muffin, cake, cups and teapot .. The product comes with a pink colored bag so that it is practical to store and carry the toys. 

12273 Miles

Dede Candy & Ken Tea Service Trolley

With the teapot set and trolley, it helps the improvement for children's hand-eye motor coordination skills.

It is designed in a way that supports to gain home awareness. It is one of the most popular toys in children's rooms. Your children will love the tea set with the wheelbarrow, which is very popular with its colorful design.

Get ready for colorful tea hours with its rich content of 14 pieces.

11867 Miles

Dede Candy & Ken Tea Set My Suitcase

With its colorful design, Tea Set will be a fixture of children's home games, and plays a great role in raising home awareness for your children. It is also very easy and fun to carry on holidays with the suitcase design of the tea set, where they can make cheerful tea hours with their friends.

While the ability of children to carry their belongings supports their sense of responsibility, the tea set and games also support their motor skills.

12273 Miles

Dede Candy Doctor Suitcase Set

Discover the potential in your little one. This play kit improves the Hand Eye Coordination. Apply different medical toy tools to be their pretend patients. This doctor suitcase also improves the Communication Skill. With this toy children pretend to ask their patients how they feel and give them some advice to regain health. it also improves Imagination and Creativity in chidren by thinking about what the real doctors do for them or imagine what they can do to help patients.

39.99 Miles 9714 Miles

Dede Click Clack 96 Pcs Jar

Suitable for children ages 3 and up.
Great and creative play set for your kids.
Total 96 pieces.
Your child will both have fun and learn.
It is produced with raw materials and dyes that are harmless to health and all tests have been done.
It is completely domestic production.

9724 Miles

Dede Cup Cake Dough Set 224 gr

69.9 Miles 9715 Miles

Dede Happy Towers Educational Toy Puzzle

Playing with Dede Happy Towers Educational Toy Puzzle is both educational and funny. It is possible to either build towers with the colorgul blocks or complete the gaps on the blocks with the correct geometric shape. Dede Happy Towers Educational Toy Puzzle improves problem solving skills of the children. 

The set include 12 pieces; 6 pieces of tower and 6 different geometric shapes.

Age Group: 1+ years old.

Product Dimension:  28,5 x 18,5 x 10,5 cm

10509 Miles

Dede Lola's Three-Storey Dream House Set

Build the house of your dreams with Lola's Three-Storey Dream House Set

Girls will love this house for princesses!

129 Miles 14178 Miles