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Goldmaster GM-7920 MARS Ventilator

1000W low, 2000W high
120 degree rotatable body
Tilt safety
Adjustable room thermostat
Cold / warm / hot fan modes
Fan-only operation in summer for cooling purposes
Power indicator light
Overheat protection
Ergonomic handle
High temperature resistant plastic body

66592 Miles

Korkmaz granita short cookware A1854

12856.15 Miles 42599 Miles

Biggdesign My Eye Is Espresso Machine

The BiggDesign espresso machine is the solution you are looking for to taste the pure espresso flavor. The moka pot is quite easy to use. It offers practical coffee brewing.  Very easy to add coffee and water into separate containers that can be easily assembled.

Volume: 3 cups (120 ml)
Soft textured handle
In white box

21482 Miles

Goldmaster GSI-7605B Etna Iron - Red

24204.03 Miles 34140 Miles

Korkmaz A1119 Ornella 28 cm Wok Pan

For those who are the chefs of their own kitchen, pan is the biggest assistant of delicious dishes ... Among the kitchen secrets of real chefs, the dishes cooked on low heat are more delicious. Korkmaz Ornella's aluminum crushing body of the ceiling increases its thermal conductivity and even high cooking on low heat. Healthy nutrition friendly You can minimize the use of oil with Korkmaz pan, you can cook your meals both deliciously and lightly. Thanks to its excellent non-stick structure on the inside and outside surfaces, you can use Korkmaz pan without fear of sticking even when cooking low-fat fries. Korkmaz pan, which completes your kitchen decoration with elegance with its design, meets all your expectations both in terms of appearance and functionality. Produced with materials that can be recycled, the pan also contributes to nature by being environmentally friendly. The non-stick pan, which can be used easily in almost all cookers, helps you to devote yourself to cooking time thanks to the Solar Base base system, which provides high thermal conductivity. You can easily clean the pan, which is extra scratch resistant, and save time and energy.

42599 Miles

Korkmaz A1340 Ornella Sauce Pan 18 cm 2 lt.

Perfectly designed Kormaz Sauce Pan is ready to serve for those who are chiefs of their own kitchen! 

Size: 18x9 cm / 2.0 lt
Non-stick on interior and exterior surfaces.
Scratch resistance
Made of Eco-Friendly materials.
Easy to clean
Thanks to its aluminum body, it provides high cooking performance even in low heat with its high thermal conductivity.
More delicious meals with less oil.
Recycleable material.
High conductivity with its "Solar Base" technology.

37408 Miles

Korkmaz A447-09 Mia Mega Blender Set Rosagold/Chrome

Product features:
Color: Rosagold / Chrome

850 Watt

4 blades

Resistant to heat, stainless steal blades blades.

1500 ml capacity jar

Safe use thanks to the non-slip sole.

Two-variable speed mode.

Suitable for washing in the dishwasher.

It provides multi-purpose use with its mixing, chopping and grinding functions.

The separation of the body and blades makes cleaning easier.

Mia Mega Blender will be your greatest assistant in shredding, mixing and grinding while preparing food in the kitchen.

85165 Miles

Korkmaz A460-05 4 Blades Chopper Rosa Gold

Specifications: * Motor Power: 900 W , Capacity: 1250 ml * Stainless Steel 4 Blades, Glass Chamber * Ergonomic design * Safety feature that prevents touching blades * Color: Rose Gold

64403 Miles

Korkmaz A473 Tria Kettle 1,6 Lt.

The electric kettle, Korkmaz Tria, which is one of the most frequently used electronic devices in the kitchens, is in your home with maximum efficiency. The heater, which you will love to use safely and practically, stands out with its energy saving.

61286 Miles