Goldmaster Elena Max Food Processor Black

Brand: Goldmaster
31913.72 Miles
31423 Miles

Goldmaster Elena food processor is your tower of strength to easily mix, chop, crush and grate your vegetables and fruits! It will be the rescuer at your hand to mix, chop any size of fruits and vegetables at one touch of a button. At the same time it's slicing and grating feature will provide you convenience. It can be used as hand blender and mixer through its stainless steel blades, wombed operation, and hot-plug apparatus. It provides you to save with 1000 W energy consumption, it also helps you finish chopping quickly and practically. The non-slip mat allows you to easily use it on the counter. With its design that can be used as a chopper, blender and mixer, you can achieve a lot of work performance with a single tool and save space on your kitchen counter. Now, it is so fast and enjoyable to cook with this food processor which helps with its ergonomic operation, whenever you need!