Goldmaster GKT-7307R 1,7 Lt 2200 W Water Heater / Kettle - Red

Brand: Goldmaster
19377.56 Miles
20752 Miles

There is always a need for boiling water in the kitchen, of course the Goldmaster kettle you need for boiling water! When you need hot water to make soup, boil pasta, vegetables, prepare hot drinks, or wash dishes, the Goldmaster kettle does the job for you. With its cover and sealing chamber, it minimizes energy loss and heats the equal amount of water in less time than the stove. With its 1.7 lt capacity, it is the most practical assistant in the kitchen thanks to the fact that you can boil the water you need at once. It gives freedom of movement with its 360 ° rotatable base. When the water reaches the boiling point, it provides safe use thanks to its automatic shutdown. There is a blue boiling indicator that indicates that the water is boiling.

Since tap water is mostly used in water heaters, calcification is observed on the floor or its resistance after a certain period of use. With the Goldmaster kettle washable lime filter, your water will both be healthier and extend the life of your small household appliance. Descaling process should not be done by using chemicals, such substances leave residues and change the structure of your water. You can clean the kettle, which you can easily clean, thanks to its lid that can open 90 °, with more natural methods such as white vinegar, lemon salt and lemon.