Goldmaster Gm-7168 Jasmin Hair Straightener Comb

Brand: Goldmaster
15734.37 Miles
19940 Miles

The goldmaster electric hair styling comb, which gives your hair the volume and shape you want, allows you to get the hair that looks like it has just come out of the hairdresser in the comfort of home. One of the new generation of hair stylers and offering great comfort with its comb-shaped design, the tool ensures that heat is evenly distributed and hair is not damaged thanks to ceramic coating plates. The electronic comb, which smoothes your hair so that you can do all hairstyles, whether it's a bun, ponytail or braid, allows you to find the appropriate temperature setting for your hair, from the temperature setting ranging from 100°C to 180°C. Goldmaster hair styling comb helps you get the results you want quickly, prevents electrification with tourmaline ion technology, makes the hair look smoother and gives the hair a shine. With its styling performance and comfortable design, the electric hair styling comb, which offers high durability and can be used for many years, is used safely through non-stick brush wires. With its lightweight design and ergonomic handle, the Goldmaster electric hair styling comb offers high comfort when making your hair, and extends to the desired location with a 1.8 meter long heat-resistant rubber cable that can rotate 360 degrees.