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Bambum Teodora Serving Plate

9744.61 Miles 10578 Miles

Biggdesign Cats Double Wall Steel Mug

  • Double wall
  • Stainless steel inside and outside
  • Vacuum and presevers the heat of the drink 
  • The inner volume of the product is 450 ml 
  • Not suitable for washing in the dishwasher.
  • White color.

12294 Miles

Goldmaster GM-7920 MARS Ventilator

1000W low, 2000W high
120 degree rotatable body
Tilt safety
Adjustable room thermostat
Cold / warm / hot fan modes
Fan-only operation in summer for cooling purposes
Power indicator light
Overheat protection
Ergonomic handle
High temperature resistant plastic body

18959 Miles

Korkmaz A1258 Minika Pan 16cm

6169.75 Miles 10511 Miles

Korkmaz A1259 Minika Pan Ø18

6838.06 Miles 10968 Miles

Korkmaz A1273 GRANİTA WOK 24X6,5

16197.69 Miles 18276 Miles

Korkmaz A1844 Ornella Pan 24cm

9244.63 Miles 11882 Miles

Korkmaz A1855 Granita Pan 24X4,7

13257.8 Miles 16724 Miles