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Korkmaz A1217 Tombik Coffee Pot Set

Specifications: * 18/10 Cr-Ni Stainless Steel * Special design, heat-absorbing handles * Carefully polished exterior that maintains brightness * Dishwasher safe * Capacity: For 3 - 4 - 5 cups

14358 Miles

Korkmaz A1245 Montana Short Pot

16197.69 Miles 22762 Miles

Korkmaz A213 Çintemani Tea Pot Rose Gold

Çay saatlerinizin vazgeçilmezi ve yıldızı olacak olan özel rengiyle göz kamaştırıcı bu çaydanlık setini çok seveceksiniz. 

1.1 It. / 2.0 It​
18/10 Cr-Ni Paslanmaz Çelik
Parlaklığını koruyan özenle polisajlanmış dış yüzeyler.
Ergonomik ve el yakmayan 18/10 Cr-Ni Paslanmaz çelik sap.
Alt çaydanlıkta buhar kesme kapakçığı mevcuttur.

23494 Miles

Korkmaz A2657 Terracotta Cookware Set 7 Pieces

PTFE coating. Excellent non-stick properties on the interior surfaces. It has extra scratch resistance. It has a stain-free outer surface. It is very easy to cook stew-like dishes thanks to the PTFE coated aluminum surface! With its Volcanite-looking German Weilburger coating surface, it does not burn, stick and it is scratch resistant.

Set Content: Pot1 20x11 cm / 3.5 lt; Pot2 24x12.4 cm / 5.7 lt.; Short Pot 26x7.5 cm / 3.5 lt; Pan 26x4.5 cm / 1.8 lt.

64331 Miles

Korkmaz A473 Tria Kettle 1,6 Lt.

The electric kettle, Korkmaz Tria, which is one of the most frequently used electronic devices in the kitchens, is in your home with maximum efficiency. The heater, which you will love to use safely and practically, stands out with its energy saving.

26691 Miles

Korkmaz A810-03 Tostema Midi Toaster


  • 1800 Watt
  • Heat-resistant nonstick grills can be easily removed and cleaned. Korkmaz panini press provides non-stick granite effect PTFE coating so that your food will not stick to these surfaces.
  • The upper part of the sandwich grill can be opened 180 degrees so that you can grill meat. 
  • With its practical use, you can save time and cook your food more quickly and you can prepare delicious sandwiches and toasts.

33543 Miles

Korkmaz A860-06 Kahvekolik Coffeee Machine Rosagold/Chrome

After a long and exhausting day a cup of coffee is all you need to take your tiredness.With  Korkmaz Kahvekolik Turkish coffee machine you will make the most delicious Turkish cofeee in a fast way. The anti-overflow sensor and automatic protection sytem of dehydration provide maximum safety. The durable stainless steel coffee pot allows you to cook up to 4 cups of Turkish coffee. The Turkish coffee machine, which saves time and energy with its automatic coffee setting, turns off automatically when your delicious coffee is ready. The pleasant design of Korkmaz Turkish coffee machine adds elegance to your kitchen. 

39208 Miles

Korkmaz A862-02 Kahvekolik Aqua Turkish Coffee Maker Black/Rosagold

Product Details:

  • Efficient energy consumption: 700W
  • Automatic shut-off itself when the coffee is ready
  • Automatic shut-off system when dehydrated
  • Anti-overflow sensor
  • Size adjustment option up to 4 cups
  • 1.2 liter  water tank

68899 Miles