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AnemoSS Pupa Men's Wrist Watch

10226.26 Miles 21072 Miles

Biggdesign Angel Silver Necklace

23304.07 Miles 30654 Miles

Biggdesign Hamsa Ring

23304.07 Miles 30654 Miles

BiggDesign Horoscope Bracelet, Pisces

15937.7 Miles 21257 Miles

Biggdesign Knocker Bracelet

9932.94 Miles 20581 Miles

Biggdesign Knocker Necklace

9932.94 Miles 21046 Miles

Biggdesign Mardin Earrings

10806.23 Miles 22750 Miles

Biggdesign Mardin Shahmaran

9932.94 Miles 22750 Miles

BiggDesign Turkish Rug Design,Door Knob Necklace

"Inspired by the rich, creative symbols of the Seljuk Empire, designed by Aslı Aksu, the Biggdesign Seljuk door knocker pendant is one of the most authentic jewelry designs you can buy to give your loved ones a gift. necklace, the original design fascinates women. Jewelry design, which makes Seljuk motifs part of your daily elegance, manages to be one of the favorite pieces of women because it can complete both casual and classic combinations. One of the special gifts that you can give to your loved ones, the special design necklace is an ideal choice for birthdays, christmas or wedding anniversary ... The pattern applied with transfer printing technique to the necklace made of ceramic stone stands out with its shades that make you feel splendor and is surrounded by a metal frame. The 37 cm long chain further emphasizes the elegance and elegance of the design. The door knocker necklace, which is designed to be used by every woman of different ages, is a candidate to be one of your favo

19320 Miles