Karaca Galya Teapot Set Salmon

Brand: Karaca
289.9 Miles
20666 Miles

        Karaca Galya Teapot Features

  • Steam blocking with spring; automatic steam blocking automatically blocks the steam release from the teapot and prevents burns on hands and face.
  • As soon as the teapot is re-attached, the steam is automatically released and the brewing process continues.
  • Steam blocking reduces energy consumption by 90% and keeps water warm in the water jug and tea in the teapot.
  • The strainer at the spout of the tea and water jug does not require a separate strainer and you can make an even delicious tea in even less time.
  • Teapot size: 1.10 L water jug: 2 L. Suitable for use on all heat sources including induction.