Korkmaz A328-05 Toastcolic Granite Toaster Inox / Black

Brand: Korkmaz
36845 Miles

Color: Inox / Black
1800 Watt
External Dimensions: Width 37 cm, Depth 30 cm, Height 15 cm
Grid area: 32x25 cm
100% Aluminum cast grill
6 toast bread capacity
Its grates can be easily removed and cleaned.
There are special grills and 2 oil bottles that allow the oil to flow easily.
Korkmaz Tostkolik consumes only the necessary energy thanks to its automatic temperature control and cast iron grill.
It has multi-purpose cooking and frying properties.
Your grills do not burn - your food will not adhere to these surfaces, as it has a non-stick granite effect PTFE coating.
In addition to its toast features, the sandwich can also be used in grilling if it is brought to the grill position.
With Korkmaz Tostkolik, it is possible to prepare delicious toasts or meat or fish with its grill feature.
With its easy suppression feature, it helps you cook your food both fat-free and healthy without getting tired.
With its lid that can be opened 180 degrees and wide surface, toastkolik creates insatiable flavors from toast to sandwich, grill and meat to fish.