Lava Cast Iron Round Griddle Pan

Brand: Lava
14118 Miles
22377 Miles

Griddle Pan is designed for your basic and necessary needs in your kitchens. You can cook a lot with a single pan! It distributes the heat equally and preserves taste exactly, thus it has special feature in terms of suitability for all cooking types. 

It has an essential point with its multipurpose usage feature for kitchens and also restaurants.

Lava Round Griddle Pan can be used in the oven, on the stove, on the grill or whatever you can think of except microwave.

It is designed with nonstick and scratch-proof features, thus cooking cannot be messy for you. 

It has got a solid and heatproof handle in order to prevent heat contact with the users.

It has resistant to rusting, staining, sticking and scratching.

Product Details:

  • Round. 28cm / 11 in
  • Material: Cast Iron.
  • Edge thickness: 3mm.
  • Base thickness: 3mm.
  • Average Weight: (Kg.) 2,26Kg / (Lb) 4,98lb
  • Capacity: (Lt.) 2,16Lt. / (Gal) 0.59 gal
  • Body Form: Round.
  • Handle: Solid and Heatproof handle