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Baggaj V118 Green Luggage-Medium

44181.57 Miles 32116 Miles

Baggaj V118 Green Luggage-Small

34241.96 Miles 25942 Miles

BiggDesign Smiling Istanbul Galata Suitcases 24 "

ARTISTIC DESIGN: Cabin sized suitcase carrying the work of painter Seymen Şener; It is a travel accessory that everyone will love with its pink tones and the Bosphorus pattern. DURABILITY: The suitcase, which is produced from 100% ABS raw material and protects your belongings against impacts, crushes and scratches thanks to its solid surface, is at the forefront with its durable design. SECURITY: As it has an internal password lock system, your belongings remain safe during your entire trip and your belongings are stored securely until you enter your password.

45329.85 Miles 38692 Miles