Mamajoo 5-Function Dryer Steam Sterilizer

Brand: Mamajoo
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5-Function Dryer Steam Sterilizer

Age of Use: 0+ months

Product Features

With 5 different functions such as sterilization and drying, steam cooking, food heating and milk heating, this mamajoo Digital Steam Sterilizer provides the hygiene necessary for the health of your baby in the best way and offers a practical solution to different needs with a single product.

Product Advantages

Mamajoo 5-Function Steam, fully automatic controlled with advanced microprocessor control technology

Its sterilizer provides rapid and complete elimination of bacteria by steam sterilization at high temperature.

With its ergonomic, detachable design and compact body, it provides ease of use and transportation both at home and on trips.

It has 6 narrow mouth feeding bottles or 5 wide mouth feeding bottles capacity and LCD screen.

It has a special shelf for feeding accessories such as a bottle nipple and teats.

In the product, which uses advanced microprocessor control technology, the process marks the marks easily on the LCD screen on the heater base.

When the sterilization process is over (after 9 minutes), it automatically switches to drying (30 minutes or 60 minutes option).

When the drying process is finished, it signals 6 times and has the feature of turning off automatically.

You can steam any food you want with the vegetable cooking bowl. When the cooking process is over, it signals 6 times and turns off automatically.

With the help of the food bowl, you can heat any food you want. When the food heating process is over, it signals 6 times and turns off automatically.

You can heat milk with the isolation rack. When the milk heating process is over, it signals 6 times and turns off automatically.

Warranty Period: 2 years

Cleaning and Sterilization

The heater base, main body and cover are cleaned only with a dry cloth. Other parts can be washed in the dishwasher. Do not use brightening, abrasive or antibacterial materials to clean the product.

Package Included

1pc mamajoo 5-Function Digital Dry Digital Steam Sterilizer

1 Bottle Rack

1 Pacifier Rack

1 Tong

1 Heater Base, Main Body and Cover,

1 Bowl, Bowl Lid, Vegetable Cooking Bowl

1 Insulation Rack, Insulation Cover, Top Insulation Cover

It is produced in accordance with the European Standard CE - EN60335, EN55014.