Mamajoo Mini Gift Set 250 ml Blue

Brand: Mamajoo
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Mother's milk for your baby after the most ideal nourishment for babies for the development of mamajoo products containing Mini gift set, best gift that can be given to the mother to hold the new baby, especially one of the options. High-quality, ergonomic products and healthy silicone baby bottle 150 ml bottle and pacifier this text in 3 different orthodontic silicone pacifier and pacifier strap available. 
BPA and phthalate-free baby bottles teats where this product is produced with high quality tasteless and odorless alone to meet with all the mothers now! Anti-colic valve system with air swallowing without sucking feels almost natural structure, during lactation reduces the risk of air swallowing. It is produced from PES raw material which is allowed to be used in bottle production in Europe and USA. Mamajoo pacifier, which is attached to the bottle, flexes thanks to the augers on it and is presented with the form closest to the mother's breast, giving your baby a comfortable sucking experience. Designed to support your baby's small hands easily and to support muscle development, Mamajoo Gold Bottle's wide mouth makes it easy to fill and clean. The scale markings on the bottle ensure that the baby is fed. 
Mamajoo pacifier in the gift set is designed for your baby's palate and tooth development. Thanks to the air holes in the spout shield, the formation of slobber is prevented, air circulation is provided and the risk of skin irritation is reduced. Ringed pacifier in the gift set with Mamajoo pacifier hanger can be placed on your baby's clothes to prevent the pacifier from falling down and disappearing.
Mamajoo bottles and teats can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand. You can only wipe the Mamajoo spout with a damp cloth that does not contain abrasive detergents.