Matrax 100 Pcs Crazy® - İn Cardboard

Brand: Matrax
4048.17 Miles
9335 Miles

Matrax Crazy creative blocks help children develop hand-eye coordination and learn basic skills such as matching, sorting, comparing, etc., and also provide a great space for children to use their imagination. A 100-piece block set that inspires children to make their own designs. Suitable for use on boys and girls. Colorful houses with blue, red, green and yellow colored pieces, inspired by the toy to create shapes, children will be able to have fun with their friends and alone. With creative blocks, a great gift for children who love creative toys, hours of play are even more fun! Suitable for easy gripping by small fingers, the creative blocks of 100 pieces are ideal for creating different designs. Wheels, rods, triangles in the box can be used together with the pyramid colored accessories or alone. When not in use, you can eliminate the clutter by placing the parts in the box. You can safely give the toy produced from raw material which is not carcinogenic and suitable for children's health.