Matrax Magic Buttons

Brand: Matrax
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Matrax magic buttons, which help children develop hand-eye coordination and learn basic skills such as matching, sorting, comparing, etc., also create a great space for children to use their imagination. The 97-piece game set for children aged 3 years and over, inspiring children to make their own designs Suitable for girls and boys. They can easily create mosaic patterns by attaching 80 unbreakable buttons in blue, red, green and yellow. You can contribute to the development of your children by placing 16 realistic and different theme patterns under the transparent board. With the magic buttons, a great choice for children who love creative toys, the hours of play are even more fun. Convenient to easily grasp by little fingers, the 97-piece magic buttons are ideal for revealing different mosaic patterns. With the round, triangular, square and star shaped parts in the box, you can create any shape you want from the patterns on the card or just with the transparent panel. When not in use, you can eliminate the clutter by placing the parts in the box. You can safely give the toy produced from raw material which is not carcinogenic and suitable for children's health.