Milavanda Arbequina Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Brand: Milavanda
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Milavanda Arbequina Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from well-selected olives from the gardens of Edremit in North Aegean Bay. Inspired by the traditional taste of Aegean Bay, we are rooted in quality and authenticity. Appreciating nature and its gifts is our primary concern. We try to preserve the unique flavor of the area, and so we collect when olives are still green and still on their branches during the early harvest season on September and October. We prefer cold extraction method, and always avoid chemical methods. Our extra virgin olive oil is obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means.

Arbequina olives have a thick fluid consistency with their own specific freshly-cut grass, green aromas and almond flavour. It has an intense bitterness and burns your throat therefore can be a little bit spicy for the first tasters.

It is very rich in terms of vitamin E, bio phenols and antioxidant values ​​which are necessary for health. It is drinkable. Milavanda is perfect for salad dressings and for hot&cold recipes. It has a maximum acidity of 0.8%.