Milavanda Rose Scented Triple Luxe Soap Set

Brand: Milavanda
39.9 Miles
15365 Miles


Milavanda Rose Scented Soap Set is carefully made by distilling fresh Isparta rose leaves with low, controlled heat and without separating their own rose essence.

It has the most natural formula to add energy, frequency and healing vibration of the rose to your life.

Rose soap has deep cleansing properties, is anti-bacterial, preserves the pH balance of the skin, moisturizes it, gives brightness and freshness. They have also Milavanda Early Harvest Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil extracts considering its benefits on the face and body.

They are not only hypoallergenic skin friendly solid bars but also gentle and safer. Since they do not contain any strong, synthetic chemicals, they can be used by people with sensitive skin.

These soft bars give a nice expression with a neat packaging in sense of elegance.