Milk&Moo Buzzy Bee Toddler Slippers

Brand: Milk & Moo
79.9 Miles
21418 Miles

Milk&Moo Buzzy Bee Toddler Slippers are made from natural Oeko-tex certified 100%Turkish velvet cotton fabric which makes fabrics healthier, softer and long-lasting than other cotton fibres. The durability of the fabric retain its shape even after constant wear and washing.

The slippers have a smooth inside foam for home and after bathtime use. They have a comfortable elastic band to keep them in place and have a slip-resistant sole no matter how active your little one gets. The fabric is breathable and the slingbacks provide just enough air and comfort to the foot while adding some warmth due to its cotton yarn. When the slippers get dirty, they can be washed in the washing machine.

These cute Buzzy Bee slippers have stand up ears and the sweetest face ever with an attractive yellow color. They are specially designed for toddler girls and toddler boys aged 2-4. Available in 5 designs and colors.