Milk&Moo Chancin Baby Diaper Changing Pad

Brand: Milk & Moo
119.9 Miles
11872 Miles

Milk and Moo Baby Diaper Changing Pad is designed and made in Turkey using 100% Oeko-Text certified Turkish cotton which makes fabrics healthier, softer and long-lasting than other cotton fibres. This is your guarantee that the product contains no substances which are toxic or harmful to the skin. Turkish cotton is very popular in cotton fabric and has the honor of having the best textile quality in the world.

Milk&Moo Chancin baby diaper changing pad gives a clean, waterproof and safe changing pad wherever you go. Its smart design provides both comfort and support for babies and mothers. It has a wide surface area for a complete body protection so you get more space to move your baby around comfortably without touching other surfaces. The inner pocket makes you see exactly where everything is since you can securely keep cleanup items in one place under your control. The fabric is waterproof, specially made from polyurethane in order to keep your portable diaper mat clean and fresh for the next use.

We believe that baby care essentials should be completely free of barriers therefore Chancin diaper changing mat is designed with easy accessibility and portability in mind. It folds nicely and fits into any bag as a travel friendly. It keeps its softness and lovely appearance even after many washes and many years.

Milk and Moo Baby diaper changing pads are beautifully formed out in two color and design of Baby Sangaloz and Chancin Rabbit.