Milk&Moo Tombish Cat Baby Security Blanket

Brand: Milk & Moo
104.9 Miles
19144 Miles

Milk&Moo Tombish Cat Baby Security Blanket is designed and made in Turkey using 100% Oeko-Text certified Turkish cotton which makes fabrics healthier, softer and long-lasting than other cotton fibres. This is your guarantee that the product contains no substances which are toxic or harmful to the skin. Turkish cotton is very popular in baby care fabrics and has the honor of having the best textile quality in the world.

Milk&Moo is a well loved baby brand for its adorable patterns and now you can bring them to bedrooms for the purpose of using as a snuggle blanket and baby soother to give psychological comfort and emotional support to calm your infant whenever they feel stressed or uncomfortable.

You can also use this baby lovey while travelling. Your toddler will find the orange color calming and will be interested in playing with the attached animal buddy because it is nice and soft to hold. They will take their best friend wherever they go. The design has been made with safety in mind. It has a purple strip detailing on one end to hang a pacifier or improve your baby's sense of touch. It is small and light enough for little hands.

Milk&Moo Baby Security Blanket is beautifully formed out in four color and design of Baby Sangaloz,Chancin Rabbit, Tombish Cat and Cacha Frog. They have a lovely appearance to use after many washes and many years.