Milk&Moo Chancin Rabbit Seatbelt Accessory Covers for Kids

Brand: Milk & Moo
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Milk and Moo is a Turkey based baby brand designed to offer best possible care options with soft fabrics and fun, unique patterns for mothers and their little ones.  
The brand was created by designer Çiğdem Serdaroğlu. She blends baby care products with fine short stories for an element of suprise. 
Your baby will feel soft cuddles of Pink Chancin Rabbit seatbelt cover during his/her relaxing journey.
You can also join our amazing story! Pink Chancin is happily jumping above the soft clouds and going to the dreamland. You can see the product labels for the rest of these fun stories. 
If you appreciate delicate, modern prints in colorful soft lines and gender neutral fashion for kids, Milk and Moo will become one of your favorite baby clothing brand for a long time.
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We will be happy to know how you and your baby enjoy our warmhearted journey.