Nektar 11968600 Tsa Suitcase Lock

7319.71 Miles
8941 Miles

Nektar TSA suitcase lock, which ensures the safety of your suitcase and does not open on your journeys, enables you to travel peacefully in peace. Extremely robust metal structure, the suitcase lock is resistant to falls and impacts and is suitable for many years of use. After delivering your suitcase to flight attendants, in case of emergency, the suitcase lock can be opened with the master key without damaging the flight security by TSA feature. The suitcase lock flight safety management is approved so that you can travel safely by creating a 3-digit password so that anyone outside you cannot open your suitcase. You can use the padlock in the form of lockers that you want to lock, such as gyms. Initially, when the lock is unlocked, set all digits to 000, close the lock, and then generate your password with the digits you want. After creating the password of your suitcase lock, you can enjoy your journey comfortably without worrying about your suitcase being lost on all your travels.