Nektar 400 ml Flask MO9105-16

Brand: Nektar
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At school, in the office, at the beach, in the camp, Biggmug travel mug is designed to be able to keep your drinks hot or cold for your trip ensures ease of use with a vacuum cover. Thanks to the stainless steel thermos path of holding the outer surface of the mouth portion being closed easily due to functional form and prevents leakage.    Stainless steel exterior and a silver thermos with a modern attitude with gray mug, and help your loved ones enjoyable for both. High temperature and impact resistant with travel mug, the cup holder in your car is the size that can easily adapt.    The mouth portion opened by a simple push movement and off easily and does not leak when closed. Vacuum does not spill or drain cover. With thermos that you can take with you wherever you go, the production of disposable plastic cups, can contribute to the reduction of use. Cover with warm water and a sponge part of getting help, you can clean mug section of the machine. Product dimensions: 400 ml, diameter: 7.5 cm, height: 18.5 cm