Nektar Auto Trash Bin

Brand: Nektar
4119.84 Miles
8618 Miles

Nektar auto trash can help keep your vehicle clean while traveling or on short trips, providing a hygienic environment without occupying much space with its mini size. You can throw away the packaging of any packaged food or box of drinks you eat during your travel without having to get out of the car. Mini trash can make your life easier with its convenient structure and it is also ideal for office use. By placing it on your desk, you can collect your garbage without interrupting your work and easily get rid of them at the end of the day. A mini trash can can be used in many areas, where you can also place your make-up cotton and cotton swabs by placing them near your toilet mirror. You can easily dispose of your garbage by gently pushing the lid, the lid will automatically close automatically so that it does not smell out. With a size of 16 cm and a diameter of 10 cm, it is very easy to transport the space-saving auto bin. Produced with high quality plastic.