Nektar Flashlight with Magnet

Brand: Nektar
4119.84 Miles
5962 Miles
Thanks to being easy and portable, the savior of every moment we need light is an indispensable part of our Nektar magnet flashlight bags. Practical hand tools that make everyday life easier, the flashlights in the house, walking or when we are exposed to the emergency. The LED torch has a long lifetime and provides a practical use with its battery-powered structure. It adheres to metal surfaces with its magnetic system and provides easy access when you need it. It consumes 1 W with 2 LED lamps. Plastic textured LED flashlight will be your savior in your daily life. Product Dimensions: 12,5x3,8x0,5 cm, weight: 12 gr. The Nektar magnet flashlight is a practical and cute solution to keep in your home, office, car or camping bag. Choosing the best flashlight model depends on your usage and personal needs. By identifying your needs, you can easily select the most suitable flashlight from Biggoutdoor's models.