Nektar Floating Circle Keychain

Brand: Nektar
4119.84 Miles
5954 Miles
Constantly forgetting where you put your keys and can not find it?; Nektar keychains! Cute floating ring figure in the foreground with the design, will prevent the key from being lost your left hand when you enter your home or in your bag. Durable, practical, and will hold together without being lost your keys easy to use and fits in pocket.    Stainless steel materials will be a cute accessory for your keys with a unique design.  Nektar public key will release your side with its practical use, key chain, which is useful with 3.5 cm diameters and 6 to 7 switch can receive ring does ability to be hung over wall in doorways steel material Dimensions: 3.30 cm floating rings, 3.5 cm switch compartment diameter. Products are sent with a gift box.    Your home, your workplace, your closet or your car keychain to attach to a key chain or Nektar is a cute and practical solution to contain a combination of multiple keys, there will be little hero in your bag. Cute floating key rings figures options you can consider as a meaningful gift for your loved ones with minimal and will be fondly accessories you will use.