Nektar Heater Mug

Brand: Nektar
6446.41 Miles
8452 Miles

It is now possible to keep your drink cold or constantly hot during the journey with the Nektar in-car water heater thermos mug. Thanks to the 12V cigarette lighter input, you can keep your drink at the ideal temperature and extend your coffee pleasure along the way. You can also carry the Nektar heated mug, which you will not only want to use in your vehicle, with you in parks, travels or walks. With its removable cable, you can take your cup wherever you go and carry your drink with you at any temperature. Nectar in-car water heater thermos mug is made of stainless steel. Provides healthy solutions for your drinks. Vacuum lid is perfectly locked and you can use it easily while your vehicle is on the move. It is made of durable material that is resistant to impacts to fit exactly to your vehicle's cup holder. It has the feature of keeping your drinks hot or cold for a long time with its 12V cigarette lighter input. Hand wash the product. Product size: 330 ml, height: 15 cm, diameter: 8 cm. Shipped in a special cardboard box.