Nektar Mobile Phone Holder and Bottle Opener

Brand: Nektar
4119.84 Miles
7574 Miles

The closest friendly keychain bottle opener in the glass bottles such as soda, soda, soda, beer can be used with you at home, at a picnic, at a beach, at a party, at a campground. It is ideal for carrying in a pocket or bag with minimal design. Bottle opener with a weight of 19 grams does not make an extra load.The magnet bottle opener, which adheres to the metal surfaces thanks to the magnet in the handle section and eliminates the hassle of disappearing, is mostly used on the refrigerators. The tiny helper that lets you open it in a way will be indispensable in your kitchen. Made of stainless steel material, BPA-free high quality plastic handle and 8.5x2.3 cm size, the easy-to-grip bottle opener provides easy use without slipping. Made of durable plastic, you can use the keychain bottle opener for many years.