Nektar Pen Holder

Brand: Nektar
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If you complain about pencils lost when you need to take full notes on your desk, Nektar design pen holder will be the main hero who will hold the pencils on your desk together. It creates a cute and fun atmosphere with its garbage car design. With its fun and interesting design, especially the pencil box that you can keep at the children's tables for motivation, You can use the pen in your office which will reach a more fun form with the colored pencils you put in, and you can make your work environment more enjoyable. Garbage bin shaped pen holder made of high quality plastic; With a height of 14 cm and a width of 10.5 cm, you can take enough pens to pack your desk. In addition to your pencils, you can attach your stapler to the pen holder, where you can put your other stationery materials such as eraser, ruler and scissors on your desk. You can give this cute pen to your office or school friends to keep all the pens together and keep them at hand when you need them.