Nektar Phone Desktop Clock

Brand: Nektar
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Whether you are working at home or at your workplace, your desktop decoration will add color to your desk decoration in the form of a Nektar phone. For those who don't like wall clocks, the table clock is a stylish alternative and makes a difference with its fun design. The desktop clock in the form of a black colored phone has a black dial. You can think of this design, which will attract the attention of those who do not fall out of their hands and those working in the communication sector, as a nice gift alternative for their loved ones. We prefer the table clocks that we need to manage and learn the time because they add elegance to our decoration besides its technical function. You can catch the time by turning to the Nektar phone clock and looking at the time when you cannot understand how time passes within the busy working tempo. Manufactured with high quality zinc material, the watch can be used for many years. The Nektar desktop clock is ideally sized with a size of 8 cm which can accommodate all tables.