Oilwise Orange Peel Essential Oil

Brand: Oilwise
69.9 Miles
9233 Miles

Derived from natural orange peel, Oilwise Orange Peel Essential Oil is ideal for skin care, hair care, massage oil and shower oil uses.

It helps you add shine and vitality to your hair by massaging it from the bottom to the end. It is one of the aromatherapy oils that increase motivation, balance and focus. The most important feature is that it decrease the look of cellulite. You can use as a massage oil that you blend with orange essential oil for cellulite areas on your body.


How to use?

When you drip 5-10 drops of orange peel oil into 50 ml of base oil, you can apply it to your body by massaging it. For a purifying bath experience, you can use a few drops of orange peel oil in your bathtub. Oilwise Orange Peel Oil has a fresh and sweet citrus scent. By adding a few drops of essential oil to the water in your home and office, you can refresh the air of your environment with the sweet scent with a censer or diffuser. You can mix a few drops of Oilwise Orange Peel Oil with water to use it as air freshener.