Owli Postpartum Thinning Corset Ten M / L

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Restoring the old form of your body after birth Owli postpartum slimming corset is comfortable and easy. Controlled and comfortable way to get rid of changes in your body during pregnancy is much easier with the slimming corset. It provides fully adjustable controlled tightening thanks to support side bands. Thanks to the soft spongy texture on the front part, it does not cause any discomfort during movement. It can be used even after the caesarean section as it has personal flexibility. Reduces your back and back pain thanks to the back support underwire. Keeps you upright and improves your posture during breastfeeding. Latex-free and breathable fabric structure does not make sweating. Under the clothes. For best results, the Owli thinner corset should be used immediately after birth. Postpartum thinner corsets should be used all day long. Thanks to its comfortable design, it can be used at night. It will give faster and more effective results with continuous use. Owli corset can also be used as lumbar support and firming abdomen in non-delivery times. How can I find the right body when I am pregnant? Measure your abdominal circumference after 36 weeks for proper body selection before birth. About 8-12 cm short of the result will show your body after birth. With this result you can choose from the size table below. When you first wear the body you are comfortable in a way that closes fully overlapping the size of the body is large.

  • Size options:
    • 60-80 cm for waist circumference; XS / S
    • 81-100 cm for waist circumference; M / L
    • 101-125 cm for waist circumference; XL / XXL