Pilsan Master Transport Truck With Car

Brand: Pilsan
2986.55 Miles
6268 Miles
MOTOR SKILLS: Supporting the development of hand eye coordination and motor skills, these toys are ideal for toddlers.
LOADING RAMP: Car to save broken cars, crashed cars, cars running out of full throttle from the toy tow truck, moving back cover and loading ramp with the car and put it on the road where it should go comfortably.
AGE RANGE: Suitable for the use of children 2 years and older with Pilsan hammer, children, friends or alone can have a joyful time.
THE MOST FUN GIFT: The toy that supports children's imagination and creativity is also a fun option to buy as a birthday gift
PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS: 6-wheel design with each uneven road toys, robust and durable design. You can safely give the toy that is produced from raw material which is carcinogenic and suitable for child health.