Pilsan Power Scooter, Pink, 07 354

Brand: Pilsan
21867.46 Miles
45672 Miles

IMPROVE DRIVING CAPABILITIES: This scooter is a great tool to improve your child's balance, concentration and driving abilities.
FOLDING STEERING: The foldable steering system makes it easy to transport and can be stored at home without having to hold a space.
SMART BRAKE SYSTEM: Smart scooter that keeps children's safety at the forefront thanks to smart braking system and balanced driving feature makes it possible to be noticed everywhere thanks to lights that are on the move.
AGE RANGE: With a height adjustment of 20 cm, the scooter is suitable for children aged 4 and over and has the capacity to carry children up to a maximum of 50 kilos.
PRODUCT FEATURES: It is produced from raw material which does not contain carcinogenic substances and is suitable for children's health. 27X61X91.5 cm