Pilsan Smart Shape Sorter Car, Blue, 03-187

Brand: Pilsan
2836.55 Miles
6678 Miles

IMPROVE SKILLS: Pilsan shape sorter toy car is a fun and educational toy for preschoolers that supports the development of children's hand-eye coordination and thus motor skills. AGE RANGE: Produced in colors that will attract children's attention in 10 different geometric shapes, the toy set, suitable for the use of girls and boys 1 year and over. GEOMETRIC SHAPES: Star, square, triangle, pentagon, such as the different geometric shapes that meet the toy that supports children's intelligence development. THE MOST COLORFUL GAME FRIEND: In the driver's seat of the red colored dog and cat drawing that attracts the attention of children with Pilsan shape sorter toy car, children, friends or alone can have a pleasant time. PRODUCT FEATURES: It is produced from raw material which does not contain carcinogenic substances and is suitable for children's health. Size: 21x14x13 cm