Serenk Excellence Granite Wok Pan

Brand: Serenk
429.9 Miles
20462 Miles

Serenk Excellence Collection creates a modern and outstanding beauty in the kitchen. The colors are in neutral tones and suitable for all architectural styles. You will enhance your cooking experience with this high-quality, durable, and easy to use cookware set.

Serenk wok pan features a cooking surface made from a high-grade granite reinforced with special material PTFE that is free of PFOA, PFOS-free, so now you can cook delicious dishes healthily. This nonstick pan does not release any harmful chemicals into the food you cook.

This granite coating does an amazing job of preventing food from sticking. Thanks to its non-stick surface it assures less oil or fat consumption and preserve the taste and smell of your food. The smooth and glossy surface is not only pleasing to look at but easy to clean too. You can remove, clean, flip, and toss food easily. An even more convenient factor is dishwasher compatibility.

The design of Serenk frying pan does not only affect the aesthetics of the kitchen, but also the level of comfort to use. The handles are steel, has a moderate length, and absorb little heat to avoid burns during cooking. 

Another benefit to using Serenk wok pan is the heat distribution and retention. Since having an encapsulated bottom the heat distribution is so awesome, you do not need to cook on high heat, just medium will do. It is especially durable and heat up quickly to cook your nutritious food.

The inner surface of Serenk non stick fry fan is truly flat on the bottom and compatible with all cooktops except induction and oven safe up to 250 degrees.

Serenk Exellence Collection has the most commonly used kitchen ware and includes a saute pan, stock pot, frying pan, always pan and wok pan.