Sinbo SS4051 Female Hair Removal Device Epilator

Brand: Sinbo
109.9 Miles
18967 Miles

Sinbo Epilator is specially designed for the purpose of removing more hair from the root in a single action with its effective surface and removing hairs gently that are very thin and 4 times shorter than wax. It also supports extra deep hair removal.
Its design is very ergonomic. It provides comfortable use in wet and dry body areas without slipping.  You can use for legsbikini and underarms. Suitable for sensitive skins.

Product Details: 

  • Movable head, removable blades

  • 3 pieces of steel stainless blades
  • Wet and dry use
  • Ultra thin delicate stork foil
  • Waterproof, IPX7 protection level
  • Integrated battery: DC 1.2V, 2 x 600mAh, NI-CD battery
  • Working Time: 45 minutes