Biggdesign Mardin Earrings

Brand: TashDesign
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Inspired by the rich and creative symbols of Anatolia, designed by Çiğdem Serdaroğlu, Tash Design shaking silver earrings is one of the most authentic jewelry designs you can buy to give your loved ones a gift. Inspired by the unique stone embroidery, Serdaroğlu carries the madrasas, monasteries and mansions in the region to the world of jewelery and undersigns one of the most unique jewelery you may encounter. Jewelry design, which makes Anatolian motifs part of your daily elegance, manages to be one of the favorite parts of women because it can complete both casual and classic combinations. One of the special gifts you can give to your loved ones is a special design earring, a perfect gift option for birthday, Christmas or wedding anniversary. The oxidized silver chain, 12.5 cm in length, is combined with citrine stone, with its sparkle and color. Shaking silver earrings with a design that any woman of different ages will love to use is a candidate to be one of your favorite jewelry.