Biggdesign Nature Bicycle Light by Aysu Bekar

Brand: Biggdesign
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The bicycle lamp has been redesigned with Biggdesign, which allows you to see your way ahead while cycling and other vehicles can see you. Simply place the belt on the handlebars at the bottom of the lamp, which you can easily attach to your bike. The longer you ride your bike, the lower your bike lamp will not fall, thanks to the compartment that provides a strong grip. The bicycle lamp, with 5 LED lights providing high brightness, helps you find your way in the dark while helping other vehicles spot you. Just by attaching it to the bike it isn multifaceted reflector that you can use as a flashlight can be used for. Single artist Aysu designed by Nature Collection is applied to a reflector design that works, also comes to the fore. The lamp reflector is manufactured with quality plastic with silicone belt part of the bicycle section. The watch-battery-powered bicycle lamp is not disposable, so you can use it for a long time by installing a new battery when the battery runs out. Bicycle travel enjoyable and safe with the use that will be convenient for both front and rear wheel reflectors, you can mount your bicycle to your favorite.